Friday, 17 November 2017


A king once called his subjects to a feast. He instructed the town-criers to inform the villagers on how best to qualify for all the feast will offer - Everyone should come with a size of vessel commiserate with what he intends the king to do for the him/her at the event-spot. 
The ticket to the event is the vessel. 
The villagers began to deliberate on the logic behind vessel: Of what essence the vessel is and which size of vessel they should go with individually. This seems tricky for some. As the people ponder, these were their thought-lines: Does the king have enough capacity to meet all their needs? What if the king decides that everyone should fill his/her vessel instead and do likewise (as he/she anticipated from the king) for the king first? Are we sure we will to go home with our vessels at the end of the day? Of what essence is the vessel to the king's feast summon? Why carry a large vessel to the feast? Are you sure the king do not want trap us in our greed?
First impression, they say, matters but the enduring impression is the last impression.
On the D-day, the villagers troop into the venue, each with his vessel and for sure with a look of doubt and uncertainty. Nobody knows what happens next or what to expect. Many of villagers have queried the king's guards on what to expect but it seems the guards were as blank on the matter as the villagers themselves. 
When all for the event was set, the gates were locked and the feast commenced. It was a feast indeed as all ate to their fill whatever he/she desired until even-tide. There were enough to spare and abundant varieties. The villagers ate until they lost count of what they had eaten. It was a mega-feast that has never been seen in the history of the village. All the villagers rejoiced and had merry. 
At dust, the king requested that the villagers to present their vessels for a token. Each vessel was to be filled with carats of refined gold and choice silver. Unknown to the villagers, the king has just discovered a gold mine prior to the event and decided to share some with his worthy subordinates. The people were amazed because most of them came with pocket-able cups, jugs and buckets. Only a handful few came with size-able large vessels. The king commanded that everyone's vessel be filled but no extras. Those who came with size-able large vessels were richly blessed with carats of refined gold and choice silver from the king's treasures to live on for their entire lives.
There were no rooms to go get a bigger vessel LATER as the gates were locked on commencement of the event!
(as written by #ObiGospelO)

Friday, 2 December 2016

'Surviving the Storm' - Obi Gospel O.

A poem

The storm can be whirl,
And the billows hurling with might:
But persist a little while,
Yea, strive to stay aloof with all your might.

When in life you are adjudged as a Herod,
Do not rebel like a Jezebel
Strive to be better without steroid.
In all, listen to your inner bell.

Life is a matter of survival,
Survival is for the fittests,
The fittests are not the mightiests
But ones who made productive use of their life wire.

In your pursuit - do not be dettered,
Some may call you Jezebel - others Herod,
Never mind - what matters most is if you are connected,
Yea, rightly connected with your God.


Overcome the storm by persisting a little while. Make judicious use of your life wire and never give in to mediocrity - strive to pull through without steroid. 
Steroid signifies cheats, deceits, lies and the likes.
Remember,  the sun will always shine after the storm - so strive to survive.

Though men may call you a Herod or Jezebel, do what is right and never disconnect from your God. He matters MOST in the survival journey. 

© Obi Gospel O.; IABC Motivations

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


A Poem

Set it up;
Check it up;
Start up young;
And go beyond bounds.

Think it Wise;
Let it rise;
An idea is all you need;
Your price-tag is not in the beads.

Your mind is your creative power house;
Innovation curles from imagination;
The world is a pot of clay;
Start moulding it to fit in while yet young.

Yea, Set it!
Tune it right,
A sound mind is an asset,
A creative mind is a product of a regenerated mind-set

The world is like a pot of clay, you can mould it to fit you in by tuning your mind to creative thinking.

Set your mind to work with the right tools today


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Sunday, 20 November 2016


A Poem

I wish you were a person.

 The face of the yet invisible,
 As I close and open my eyes so permissible,
 Though a shadow without touch,
 Thy echoed voice in my ear clangs much.

 I wish you were a person.

 Smoothing hugs to this ordeal,
 And if numerous questions dare arise,
 Right here I hear the answer cries. 
 I wish you were a person. 

 Solitude, times of distress to fall, 
 When my future dreams already call;
 Should I stand looking tall?
 Or just gaze furiously at the wall!

 I wish you were a person.

Friends many, but obviously fallible, 
 Strong hope to attain the unimaginable,
 Yeah! Pondering on this matter to find, 
While you remained so visible on my mind.

Written by Oseji Esther C.

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Visions are dreams in broad daylight. Vision becomes more real when meditated and worked upon. Dreams, 
though like a shadow without touch, when nurtured echo louder than seen distractions. An in-depth knowledge of your vision keeps the right answer at beck against dream-threatening questions.
Friends may be many, talents are few, but your dreams when delivered single you out for many honours.


  • Look at yourself in the mirror and see who you want to be (Remember to be specific and realistic as much).
  • Take a picture of what you want to look like in the next ten years and slip it in at the best viewing corner in your living room. 
  • See the future you envisage in you everyday, walk and work towards it.


Post Edited by Obi Gospel O.
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Saturday, 19 November 2016


"SAYING NEVER" - A Motivational Poem

The world is a scary Place.

Life itself is not a Palace,
Yet, with our eyes filled with Grace,

We can run this Race.

Never say, 'My world has Ended'
When life puts you at an Edge;

You will only get Stranded,
If you decide to leave the Stage!

Never say, 'I am finished'
When at your doorpost 
tough times come knocking;

Look out, look in, get yourself searched,
For you are a STAR in the making!

Never say, "I can't make it"
When you haven't tried it;
Everything comes with a risk,
Alas! even not trying is a higher risk!

You are a 'Blessing in Construction'.
And tis will never end until you call it Quit;
Yea, Life is an evidence of hope,
That is -  if your hands are not Lazy!

Written byUnwana Writes

Unwana Writes is a young Nigerian in her mid-20s whose passion to motivate the youths and young adults towards gainful productivity has led her to writing poems, novels and motivational books. She believes in the saying that, 'It is not just about writing, but writing for the IMPACT!'

Check her on Facebook @ Unwana Writes Akpan


It is never impossible until you decide to call it quit. The economy may be bad but l
ife is an evidence of hope when your hands are not lazy. Look out, look in, get yourself searched, all you need to survive this is within. 

Tough times come to prune you. Hard times come to make you strong. You can only be stranded if you decide to leave the stage. 

No matter what happens, keep trying until you get to the goal post who knows which of the shots will end in a goal. Risky as life may seem, it is riskier to quit trying. 
Life itself is not a Palace, yet with your eyes filled with much grace and an aptitude to conquer - you will run  and win the race.

"You are a STAR in the Making; A Blessing in Construction! The world will not end until you set your footsteps in the sands of time - Never Say It's Impossible" -  Victor Lewis


Post edited by Obi Gospel O.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016



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When the rain is over
The bird peeps from its cover
The sky its beauty regain
For the land has been watered again

Wisdom is profitable to direct the bicker
Love is more than a kiss on the Dimple.
Even Hibiscus and roses do wither,
But this understanding eludes the simple.

With all we had
In all we were
With all we did share
Tis had never been so heard

Goodbye is a word too hard,
Dearly ones wish it shouldn't be said or heard,
But life is filled with many trips,
Be it for bad, good, the worst or even for the Best,
Only a goodbye can put the heart at rest,
So it can move on and forward!


Saying Goodbye to a love one most times is not that easy.Whether they are travelling to a distant land, disassociating themselves from you or becoming so unreasonable, saying goodbye sometimes means 'death' but on the other hand we have to move on and 'Goodbye' can only be the last parting words.



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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

"THE VILLAGE HUNTER - The Power in Self-Recognition" By Obi Gospel O.

Once on a time in a hinter land in the olden days lived a hunter whose meat and catches serve not only his village but seven others neighboring villages. The name of this hunter is Digba. As a routine, Digba goes in search of meat in his hunting quest for six days and make his sales on the seventh day up after he must had returned from the forest on the sixth day with the best the bush can offer. Though there were any other hunters in the neighborhood, Digba's hunting expedition became popular because of its uniqueness in its consciousness to timing and routine. He always go for a catch in six days and make sales of his catches on the seventh day almost repeatedly from his remote hut, that is, every seventh day villagers from the hinterland and the seven other villages will gather to buy meat of various kinds from this great hunter. Digba never despised the seventh day.Sooner in the whole neighborhood, the seventh day became synonymous with Digba and his meats. A market started revolving around him - A market where you can get bush meats for your weekly delicacies, without doubt men and women from the hinterland and the other villages troop in every seventh day to Digba's hut to get meat. Unconsciously or subconsciously, the villagers named the seventh day after Digba and his bush meats. Digba's hunting adventure and experience became well known across borders and rivers because of his consistency - he always has meats for sale but they are only available for sale on the seventh day and no other day.

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Gradually, the market revolving around him and his sales day became stronger. Meanwhile, the hinterland operates a four market day system - A traditional trading system popular in Africa whereby there are four established market in the village named after their gods and their forefathers which are traded once in four days with each following suite from the other. Each market has its own day, Once traded in today will only be traded in again after the other three in different locations in the village have followed suite consecutively in an outlined pattern. The locations of these market are chosen by the forefathers and usually involve making use of village squares, king's palaces, shrines and notable places in the village. Their location cannot be easily changed for generations they look ordained and for generations they operated unchallenged. These were the conventional market system at Digba's time. However, being that Digba provides his local metropolis with his catches only on the seventh and that using bush meats for cooking meals was gradually becoming popular at the time, a market edibles, cooking ingredients, vegetables and spices started evolving close to Digba's house every seventh day. Within periods, the hunter's manner of operation established a full fledged market operating on the the seventh Day close to his house to attend to those from far and near who came to his huts in the quest to buy meats. It indeed became a great and more renown market especially outside the hinterland. Traders come from 7 other villages and beyond to buy and sell edibles perching at a distance close to Digba's hut.The villagers were proud of him but their four market-day system came to a brisk of collapse. Whenever Digba's seventh day market coincide with any of the four market days, people will dump the local market for 'Digba's Market' because it entails more sales from trooping foreigners.
Digba did not go to the market to sell his meats, the market went to him to sell with him. This perhaps is a taboo, it has never been seen before. Once in 28 days 'Digba's market' coincide with each of the four markets and this called for concern among the villagers.

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Deliberations began to foam as to why the hunter is running a concurrent market which despise the established ordinance of his people and also coincide at least once with all the four markets in a month. Meetings and sub-meetings were held in various quarters - the chief priests were summoned, the king was informed, the market men and women were called and the villagers were in array. Conditions were given to the hunter to adhere to one of the market days within the village but Digba insisted that his market has grown beyond the village with patronizers from other neighboring villages who have to travel from far so that they can meet up on the seventh day. He also inferred that the market around his vicinity was never instituted by him but by some of them who always come to entice his patronizers with other trade-able goods. In his plea, he established that there was nothing wrong with one making sales from his house even in their customs and norms as handed over by their forefathers. He continued by arguing that the market outside his hut was never established by him but by the popularity of his sales and his consistency to his home sale. He plead that the market be dismantled even as he continue his sale in his hut. This plea was not upheld. To the chief priests and some villagers who do not trade the custom for anything else, It had became perceived that though the hunter is bringing glory to the Hinterland and this glory was in contrary to their established norms. It was agreed that the hunter must stop selling his meats from his huts so that the 'Digba's market' will be forced to close down or risk being extradited. The hunter begged but there were no room for mercy. He then chose to be extradited than to stay and die idle at home. The King was compelled to extradite the hunter from the Hinterland. He was to leave the village without any of his belongings even clothes. Anybody from the Hinterland seen talking with him will face the same extradition. He had no option than to leave the town to a far away village - the farthest of the seven neighboring villages where he was welcome by all and sundry who knew him and had heard his story.
The king of the far away village which had no trading market or any market day in it welcomed him and ordered him to be clothed and provided with shelter. He gave him freedom to hunt and make sales in his palace and sooner the king's palace became a metropolitan market where for all the the 7 villages, the hinterland and beyond. The king became known and powerful that all kings in the neighboring villages and the king of the Hinterland has to pay tributes to him with their livestock and foods in order to have access to his kingdom. Years later, the king drafted the hunter into his cabinet and made him him one of his traditional chiefs. Due to the popularity and splendor brought to the king's palace by 'Digba's Market' in his palace. The king became like a king to all the kings of the seven villages and the Hinterland. He was more popular and wealthy than them all. When the people of Hinterland became aware of what had become of the hunter and the king of the far away village and how their own king had subjected himself under the king of the far away village, they were all amazed to their chagrin.

But before then the four market day system in the Hinterland had collapsed and most trading activities by the villagers were carried outside the village periphery. Those who use to come to the village to patronize Digba has now moved on with him to his new village. Digba had earlier refused to adhere to this market system because it does not fit in to his routine(that is, he has to spend six days in the forest to make enough catch and then he will sell on the seventh day). They wanted him to join the four-market day system in order to boost their village markets but they ended up sending him away to a place where his worth was appreciated and welcomed as it is. The extradition of hunter which was made to stop him what he was born to do only got him to a place where he was appreciated for who he is.


The hunter's refusal to stop his hunting expedition and stay idle in the Hinterland but choosing rather to be extradited from his place of birth was because he knows who he is and what he can do. The power in this knowledge can be extra-overwhelming.
Knowing who you are and what you represent is simply self recognition. In life we were are born in a particular second in a minute of an hour of a day in a mouth in one certain year. The environment in which we grow to a certain great extent affects how and to what extent we can actually know ourselves. The environment here not necessary refer to a particular geographical setting but more ideally on other thing associate with the geography. Say in most Africa state where male children are cultural preferable to their female counterpart and family transcendence is traceable only through male linage ; a lady understand who she is and what she represent and the extend of her potential is supposedly limited by an long-installed ordinance. Some regions globally also do not promote equal recognition of self among genders. Availability of educational facility at a tender age can also affect one ‘s ability to recognize and appreciate himself. Family setting, cultural background, gender treatment, childhood education, birth geographical and many others are factor that can affect one’s ability to recognize himself. Knowing and understanding who you are is a requisite for following your ordained destiny. Digba understood who he was, therefore he was not perturbed when he was extradited from the village rather he moved to a far away village where he can find succor to become that which he actually is and had always wanted to be. He knows he has all it takes to get train on the move hence he did not allow jealousy, hatred and tradition of his people to limit him. He continued doing that he knew he was called to do.


You are what you think you are
• You are what you say you are
• You are what you train yourself to be
• You are what you believe you are
You are what you give to your world!

You are not what others believe you to be.
• You are not what others think you are.
You are not what you take from the world!

(c) Obi Gospel O. (2016)

Saturday, 4 June 2016


I was born a lowly man
Yet I believed in myself
The World I know is a very nice Place
Though I can feel it, I cannot see it
In my imagination only do I behold you
A place that knows me
But I knew it not!

Thousands must have marched through you!

People cherished me and I see them not
Their presence is made known by their benevolent gifts
I have longed to love them in return
But it seems I am the least of creatures
I have always longed to be like them

Oh earth! I have threaded in your paths
I have been led by your shores
All I hear around me is your buzzing sounds
Like a mother in her travails, millions must have marched through you!

My eyes are heavy
Forgive me, If I have done any wrong
Erase your anger and let the heat flee
Reach out your arms so I can See the rain (once again)!

- The blind man's prayer

Quick note

Learning to appreciate what life gives you is a key to living without regrets on things you can hardly change or blaming others for things you cannot afford . Though the blind man here has not seen the earth nor its people, he appreciated the benevolence of both to him before proceeding to ask for more.

Key Note
Never stop being grateful no matter the circumstance. Gratitude opens a door to the giver's heart wider than ever. - Obi Gospel O.

Special Dedication

This BLOG POST is specially dedicated to the full recovery of sight for all those fighting GLAUCOMA and those born without sight.

...Towards A World without GLAUCOMA...Help a friend to know about glaucoma and maintain good eye habits


(c) Obi Gospel O.

Friday, 20 May 2016


THOMAS BECK is a fictional character who got lost in a bid to figure out what in life he best fit into doing. Beck, born into a fairly middle income family in Norway after the first World War, is a typical example of today's youths who wander in their quest for self-actualization.

Born into a family of four, two brothers and a sister; Beck grew up as a local farmer. Farming has been the family main-stay for at-least three generations. At tender age. he believed he could be a better farmer - he will use advanced equipment and perhaps rake in millions through farming. He saw a future in farming and decided to live by it. As Beck grew up, he found out that he there are others things he could do better - Writing, dancing and even Singing. He desired within that he could be a writer but at the time he did not see a lifetime income stream coming in from it so he do not bother exploring it further. This desire was like a fire in his bones. Last among the three siblings, Beck was opportune to be the only one to acquire secular education. He was to be the eye of the house to the rapid civilization of the outside world.

During his early childhood education, Beck is known as brilliant, humble and above all charming. He was what every parent would love to have as a child. The love of his village and the pride of his peers. Having grown from a family and community of local farmers, Beck's desire to be a better farmer was threatened by his new found love in education and learning. He wished to proceed further in it, a wish which was granted without doubt by all who knew him. After all he has the wit, the zeal and the community would readily support to augment the differences in cases of financial drift-backs. He was a indeed a star.

As student in the high school, Beck's short playwrights and poetic flavor has made him an attraction. They have brought him before great and and prominent men. On one occasion he wrote an elegy for the mayor's father who passed out a day after the Mayor was officially installed. This elegy which was circulated at the tomb side and a part of which the mayor used as epitaph for his late father became very popular in whole of Norway. Afterwards, the Mayor took Beck in as his child. Beck only saw writing as a hobby and not a lifetime profession..

Beck has three friends who were closest to him at the time - Billy, Fred and Kate. Billy and Fred were childhood friends, their families were in the same neighborhood as Beck's while Kate was his teenage love. Billy's family like Beck's were into farming while Fred's family were basically woodworkers(Carpentry). While in the high school together, Fred loved Beck's writing skills and coveted it in his heart. Every morning, he will love to read each piece of beck's writing both old and new. His love for Beck's pieces make people assume that he was parasitic to Beck. Billy was simple and orderly, his love for the farm was undaunted and visible in his every conversation. Kate was one of those such smart and intelligent girls in schools who can't take it in to be overridden in any classwork (assignment, quiz and exams) by male counterparts. How she fell in Love with Beck is a story for another day.

Upon graduation from high school, Beck's father desired that he become a farmer. the Mayor who is now his new sponsor and foster parent believed he could better individual if he studies law which was a trending profession at the time. The community on the other hand lamented of their lack to medical services since the death of the last community medical personnel who was actively serving as the community doctor till death last 20 years at the age of 78. To them, only a brilliant child like Beck can fill that gap and their hopes were high. It was at this point that Beck's life became chattered. He was confused on which of these options he will go for and what are his reasons. Beck forgot to listen within, he let the noise on the outside to becloud his judgement. He did not ask himself what he wanted to be in himself, he forgot to prune some of his innate gifting. He went on to study law.

By this time Fred has developed Beck's like flavor in his own writings, Billy has settled for large scale farming and animal husbandry and was pretty comfortable while Kate's parents has relocated her to Africa on a seemingly endless missionary adventure. Fred did not continue with his education neither did Billy. Kate's missionary adventure kept her entirely out of scene since she cannot be located in any particular country of Africa (Upon graduation from high school, Kate became so religious that she opted to leave home to ensure new coverts are brought to belief sect. Her parents has handed her over to a priest who took her along with him on his missionary voyage to Africa). Beck moved on with his study, graduated and became a solicitor. His flair for singing, dancing, poetry and short writings were long gone. Years later he rose to be become a renown solicitor in the metropolis. Many from near and distant land sought to see him. He was good at his job. His father was proud of him, the Mayor see him as his pride, his community has long forgotten his inability to bent to their desire - after all the Mayor ensured that before Beck went on to study law, a trained medical personnel from the state was posted to the community. They were all proud of him. He was an achiever, a lesson to and for all kids.

Fred though not trained in higher institution waxed very strong in his writings. His write-ups later won several nationwide and global accolades of reckon. Some of his books became best-sellers worldwide. Fred did not have a gifting in writing, he developed it by following Beck. Beck though at the apex of his career was not fulfilled. One day in his office he said to himself, "Truly, I have lost the true part of myself. I have yielded to the outside rather than to the within." He wished he could have worked more in the past years on developing his writing skills than spending years in higher institution studying law. He has read many bestselling pieces from Fred and have congratulated him severally on his exploits. He has also accompanied him in handful occasions where Fred was invited either to deliver a speech, read a review or receive an award. He wished he could reverse the hands of time so he could live his heart desire and not other people's desire for him.

Fred later won a Nobel Prize in Literature and one of his books became a literally command in higher school of learning and was used in most colleges and higher institutions of the world till this day. Beck retired from active service and his esteemed glory and impact in the metropolis seem faded away in a twinkle even before the later part of his life comes to a peaceful end.

              (c) Obi Gospel O.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


When life becomes uneasy;
And friends set out on different paths.
When no one seems to believe in you anymore,
And the end of the world seems so near.

When all that erred is you or yours,
And every labor yield no good returns.
When even your spirit seem set against you,
And the puzzle looks so ending.

Only one thing is sure
To provide life with the necessary cure,
And save it soul from utter jeopardy:
-- Worry less, Be happy!

Drop Note

Let no one sink you. let no one despise you - You will soon get to your designation.

Quick Note
Believing in yourself when every odd seems against you is one essential self virtue for any human. Unfortunately not every human possesses this virtue.
When no man seems to believe in you any more, when every trial seem to end in a failure; only one thing is said to keep you aloof and atop: Worry less, be happy and Keep trying until it works out!

Curled from 'Motivational Poems and Verses for High Schools and Colleges' - by Obi Gospel O. (c) 2015

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